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Friday, August 9, 2013

Hidden Healthy Choices at Panera?!?!

I learned this week that Panera has a hidden healthy menu. Why is this a secret?!? I honestly can't think of a reason, but I never claimed that marketing is one my gifts, so perhaps I just don't get it. At any rate, I am wondering how many other places have healthy items that you have to know to ask for? I actually went to Panera to make sure it was true and in fact I ordered and enjoyed their Steak Lettuce Wraps, which I simply ate as a salad. It was good! I would like to try the chicken hummus combo next time. Here is the link so you too can now about the hidden menu (or maybe you already did and I am the only one in the dark). I should also note that I did  order a whole grain baguette, it is hard to eat a salad with no bread at Panera.


Oddly, I couldn't figure out the nutrition info for these items. Also bizarre to me, the same place which lists calories on their menu board, also hides the items and nutrition info for their healthier choices.

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