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Note from Maria: I am a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Public Health Degree in Nutrition from UNC at Chapel Hill. I have a passion for helping people with nutrition & wellness, especially moms. Women & moms provide care for everyone else often at the expense of considering their own needs. I hope to provide good resources to you to help you make nutrition and wellness a priority.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Season.....

Here are a few tips on how to stay well during the holiday season...

  • Try to fit in exercise when you can. Some is better than none, and you don't have to be perfect. Exercise will help you burn off a few calories, is good for the body/heart and helps reduce stress, so try to fit it in where you can!
  • If you go to a party, offer to bring something....and bring a fresh veggie or fruit tray. This will give you food that is healthy to fill up on and then sample some of the other more rich items.
  • Before you go to a party, eat a healthy snack, even if it just a piece of fruit and string cheese. If you go starving, it is harder to eat "treats" in moderation.
  • One more party tip...(good for all year), when drinking beverages with alcohol, alternate them with a glass of water. Also pick drinks such as a glass of white wine or light beer instead of fruity/sugary cocktails which can have as many calories as a meal! 
  • Pack a healthy snack with you when you plan to be out shopping for hours. This will save time, money and will be a lot better for you than anything you are likely to buy at the mall. Ideas...trail mix with whole grain cereals, crackers, unsalted nuts/seeds, dried fruit and a little dark chocolate to keep you going. 
Stay well and remember, things don't have to be perfect, we can often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live up to expectations for the holidays...this is NOT what this season is supposed to be about. Keep it in perspective and try to enjoy!

I have been MIA on the blog for a week or so. I had to wrap up my Master's paper, present it, and listen to the presentations of my fellow classmates. We graduated on Friday. It was a crazy week and it left me with little time to do anything else. However, I am thrilled to have finally earned my Master of Public Health- Nutrition. Before I can be officially a Registered Dietitian, I still have to pass that exam which I will be able to take in about 6 weeks. 

Please let me know if there is a topic you would like for me to discuss, now that I have time to blog again. 

Stay Well! 

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